Welcome to Björsbo Forest and Lake Hideaways

This is a wilderness camping site in the west parts of Småland, Sweden. The area is well known for it´s beautiful scenery, rolling terrain and many small forest lakes. You can come here to rent camping pitch with or without electrical outlets. There are also a couple of simple cottages for rent during summer.

At Forest & Lake life is simple and close to nature in respect for others and the environment. Here you can roam freely in the woods. You can swim, enjoy our wood-fired sauna and socialize around a campfire or enjoy the tranquility.

From the reception down to the lake clothing is optional which means it is possible to choose between sunbathing naked if you want, or with clothes if you prefer. The important thing is the attitude and tolerances towards other people and of course the closeness to nature. By the campfire and in the shared kitchen clothes is always acquired though.

Come as you are, be who you want to be!

Welcome to Forest & Lake Hideaways
IMG_0940IMG_0935IMG_0948IMG_0930IMG_0963Camping life in Småland

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