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By car: 39 min. south 35,3 km.
Bicycle: 2 h.

Enitaget is the smallest shop on a farm with Alpacas. From their fiber produced beautiful yarn is available for purchase in two variants, handspun or machine spun. You can also book a day at the farm and experience the daily chores. Make a contact for opening hours and booking. Check out the website here. Find your way with Google Maps.


Kallfeldts Läder

By car: 23 min. north, 23,9 km.
Bicycle: 1h.16 min.

At Kallfeldts Leather you can experience a piece of Småländsk industrial history. You get to see the production, and the kids can try out a simple leather work. In the factory shop you will find nice, unique products made in for example elk leather. Check out the website here. Find your way with Google Maps.


Bredaryds Wärdshus

By car: 17 min lose weight fast online.south 15,3 km.
Bicycle: 50 min.

A very special restaurant with a personal warmth and great hospitality. It’s award winning brewery is the core of the business and you can participate in both beer and whiskey tasting. The food is carefully prepared with ingredients from local producers. There is also a shop with local produce and specialties. Check out the website of Bredaryds Wärdshus here. Find your way with Google Maps.

Bredaryds Wärdshus

Open Easter 2015

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