The old mill

After the manors’ heyday, the small crofts in the forest were sold or lapsed into oblivion. In Björsbo a family settled down to make a living as farmers. Certainly, with great pride the family could call themselves yeoman of Björsbo. The old dwellings from this period are the same as the ones you see in Björsbo today and the fireplace in the main house still feature the initials of a former owner and his wife, from this era.

On the farm there was also a mill. At the northern inlet of the southern woodland lake, a stone’s throw away from the service facilities at the campsite, you will find the old stone foundations of the mill which was operated by water power. During the summer, on the very same winding dirt road that takes you down to the campsite, the local farmers drove their cultivated crops with horse and wagon to grind their grain to flour at the mill in Björsbo. As far as the mill brought vitality through the ground flour, the task itself could prove very risky Being stuck between the big heavy mill stones could result in severe injury or worse, such as the case of poor farmer Sven from Sonakull, who was squashed to death and never saw his family again.

Björsbo kvarn the mill stone Björsbo kvarn the mill stone

mangårdsbyggnaden vid Björsbo kvarn, the old mill mangårdsbyggnaden vid Björsbo kvarn, the old mill

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