Good to know

All activities are carried out in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s current recommendations. Pay attention to flu symptoms, do you catch a cold before the adventure? See our generous rebooking and cancellation policy.

When you come to Sonakull for a ride, it is comfortable clothing according to the weather that applies.

Remember to never use the same clothing or equipment in different stables without washing in between! The risk of spreading infection and diseases among farm animals can be completely avoided in this simple way!

Riding helmet is available to borrow.

Long trousers are recommended and preferably a thicker shoe or boot, sneakers also work during spring and summer. A long-sleeved shirt is nice to wear in the woods, even if it is warm both as protection against insects and when we ride in denser vegetation.

When it is cold, you freeze your fingers and toes first, then put on properly, better a little too hot than getting tense in the body from the cold. Bring rainwear if there is a risk of rain. Are you in on a longer trip with a stop at Trailcamp Stall Sonakull? Bring swimwear when the weather is right for a dip in our small and individually located forest lake!

To make it easier for you to choose the right adventure, we have listed riding skills into 4 different levels.

  • Level 0 = No previous experience of horses and riding.
  • Level 1 = You’ve tried it before. If you not yet balance yourself the right way when the horse is trotting, riding for the whole group will be limited to walking. Or you may have some other type of functional variation that we need to adapt the riding to.
  • Level 2 = On a decent horse, you can follow in walking, trotting and canter out in the terrain.
  • Level 3 = You can ride different types of horses in terrain and have good condition.

Everyone is very welcome to join the adventure no matter what level you belong to right now. You always get an overview of how it works and it is expected of you to handle your horse on your own in the terrain, it does not work to just “ride with”. That is why you also develop your ability with each adventure. The riding style is western-inspired because it is a riding style that is easy to figure out and it fits well in the terrain. If you do not yet have the ability to balance yourself the right way while trotting, we will keep the pace down for the sake of the horses. There is always at least one riding guide on the tour who can answer questions and tell you about what appears in nature along the way.

Spending time with horses has nothing to do with age. Therefore, we do not have a general age limit for trail riding. On the other hand, saddles are adapted for adults, which means that smaller children do not always reach down into the stirrups. Haflinger horses are also heavily built and it can be a lot of a horse for a smaller person. Keep in mind that there is a big difference between riding inside a corral or riding school and completely free out in the woods. If you want to take a small child out on a fantastic nature experience with horses, it is possible to join alongside as an adult, provided it fits in with the rest of the group, you should be used to handling horses yourself. The child needs to be old enough to keep the balance well on its own in the saddle and be able to participate during the entire activity.

We may set an age limit for other reasons on specific tours or courses.

In general, it can be said that a horse should not have to carry more than 20% of its own body weight, which in our case corresponds to approx. 90 kg including the equipment. Other factors that affect are also how well you balance on the horse, what pace, how long and in what type of terrain we ride. Therefore, we do not want to specify an exact weight limit. If you are close to the limit, we see it as our responsibility for the sake of the horses to adjust the pace and riding time if needed.

Based on our own experiences from riding trips around the world, we believe that a good riding group consists of 5-6 people. You can book your trip alone or in pairs, we will do our best to add more guests up to 6 people.

At our barbecue area, beautifully situated by a completely undisturbed forest lake, or the barbecue hut by the pond in the middle of the horses’ natural pasture, we cook our food together on the large frying pan over an open fire or make coffee in the well-used kettle. In the greenhouse just outside the stable there is a cozy dining area where in some cases you are served lunch or can buy coffee and drinks. Do you have needs or wishes that we need to take into account when it comes to meals? Let us know when booking and we will arrange it!

It is possible to order extra portions if you are more in the travel party than those who goes for a trail ride and still want to hang out around the fire. There are plenty of hiking trails in the surroundings for accompanying guests waiting during the trail ride.

Wilderness lunch prepared by the fire SEK 140 / person
Lunch at the greenhous on the farm SEK 112 / person
Coffee by the fire SEK 56 / person

It is a 10 minutes hike between the stables and the campground where you can rent a 2-bed cozy cabin or electric pitch for motorhome, caravan or tent. Service facilities includes kitchen, shower and toilet. Feel free to contact us with your wishes if you want more tips of accommodation in the area.

Fortunately it happens very rarely that any of our guests injures themselves. Make sure you have your own valid accident insurance before your visit, it covers better. However, should the accident still occur, you are insured through an insurance for accidents that arose / caused by the horse in connection with riding or care, read more about the conditions here: Agria Incident . The deductible is paid by the person affected by the accident and the insurance cannot be combined with regulation from other, own insurance, e.g. home insurance or accident insurance through work or union. Stall Sonakull also has a liability insurance.

The easiest way to book your guided nature experience is via the booking calendar. There you can immediately see which days are available. You can pay with credit-card, cash or with a gift card no later than the same day as your adventure starts. It is also possible to book your activity via email or other contact route.

Whether different weather is an obstacle or not is highly individual. We do not cancel planned adventures due to weather if we do not consider it directly inappropriate to ride for safety reasons. It may still happen that you want to rebook your trip due to bad weather or other cause. Rebook your visit absolutely no later than 2 hours before the set start time, but of course as early as possible. There is no rebooking fee. You can cancel your adventure no later than 24 hours before the set start time free of charge. Cancellation later than that or no-show will be charged in full.