Hiking in the woods

hiking around bjorsbo forest & lake hideaways

There are several options when you want to do a hiking in the closest area around the campground. The trail around the lake takes you little more than one hour and goes partly on adventures pathes. The landscape is hilly and the woods are rich on plants, trees and wildlife. Wild animals in this area is roe deers, hares, foxes, mooses, wild boars and many different kind of birds. The best time of the day to spot wildlife is in early dawn or at nightfall and in the south of Sweden it means you need to get up real early but we promise you it´s well worth the trouble. We don´t garentee that you necessarily will spot the animals, but they will shorly know about your presence, be so sure.

Bring the dog on hike! Just notice that it needs to be kept in leash (or the same control) until 20th of August according to Swedish law. This is for protection of wildlife and babie animals in the woods.

A shorter trail takes you around the smaller lake north of the campground. It´s a little easyer walk, good to start with. You will see the tracks of wildlife clearly here aswell.

Allemansrätten has a long tradition in Sweden and came into existence in order to let the farmers of the hook when it came to provide for drifters and poor people, this way the less mediated could find food for them self. See the official video for Swedish Allemansrätt today.

In the late summer and early autumn you can find berries and mushrooms of different kind. You are allowed to collect them but be careful to choose the right kind. Ask us for advise, we grew up here and will be happy to let you know more about the precious pantry of the woods.

For longer hiking-trails visit the nearby Nationalpark. Happy Hiking!