Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply between Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways AB and the person who, him/herself or via a third party, makes a booking (i.e. establishes an agreement) in accordance with that stated in the booking confirmation. The person making the booking is named as the Customer in the terms and conditions, while others are named as guests. The booking/agreement applies to rental of a camping pitch at Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaway.

Bookings for private individuals
To book/enter an agreement with Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways for the rental of a camping pitch, the Customer must be 18 years of age. ID will be requested on arrival. Fulfilling the age limit is a requirement for access to the accommodation. If the Customer does not fulfil the age limit when accessing the accommodation, cancellation rules apply.

Booking accommodation
The basic price includes rental of a camping pitch with electricity (10 ampere). The Customer and guests may not use the campsite for anything other than leisure purposes, unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking. There are no discounts for children or extra beds on camping pitch prices. Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways provide information about the pitch number on arrival at the earliest.

Booking confirmation
The booking confirmation must be checked on receipt, so that all the information is right. The Customer is responsible for ensuring the details on the booking confirmation are correct.
The booking confirmation will be sent by e-mail or post.
In the event of an error, Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways must be contacted within 7 days of receiving the confirmation.

Payment takes place on arrival.

Cancellations must be made in writing, or verbally at the reception desk at Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways no later than 24 hours before the stay. Costumers how make a cancellation later or don´t show up will be fully charged for the stay.
Always state your name, booking number and booked date of arrival.

Complaints about the camping pitch must be presented at the reception desk at Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways as soon as possible, but at the latest by 15.00 on the day following arrival. Problems that occur during your stay must be reported immediately to the reception desk at Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways.
If the pitch provided is not in the promised condition and if Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways cannot rectify this, you are entitled to terminate the agreement.

Liability for property/injury
Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways is not liable for lost property. Injury that is caused to the Customer or guest through the negligence of Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways will be compensated. In such cases, the Customer/guest must immediately report this to the reception desk at Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways. On his/her side, the Customer/guest is liable for injury in cases where the Customer/guest, or someone in his/her party, has caused the injury through negligence. See also “Other obligations”.

Other obligations
• The Customer/guests must take proper care of the pitch and utilities building and follow the applicable rules, instructions and ordinances.
• The Customer/guests must show consideration to other guests and be quiet between 23:00 and 07:00.
• The Customer will be liable for damage that occurs to property and fixtures and fittings in the event that it was caused by the negligence of the Customer/guests in the group or a third party given access to the accommodation.
• The Customer/guests in the group may not erect several tents, caravans or motorhomes on the pitch, nor may they install musical equipment or other disruptive equipment in the accommodation or in direct association to it.

All keys for the booked pitch must be returned when checking out. Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways will charge EUR 54 per key for those that are not returned.
Breach of agreement
This agreement is drawn up between the Customer (person making the booking) and Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways AB. The agreement will immediately cease to apply if:
• The terms and conditions of booking are not fulfilled.
• The Customer/guests in the group behave in a disruptive manner in the camping area.
• The Customer/guests in the group damage/vandalise the camping area.
• The pitch is used for a purpose for which it is not intended.
If a breach of agreement occurs, the Customer/guests in the group must immediately vacate the camping pitch. In the case of vandalism/damage or disruptive behaviour, compensation can be demanded from the Customer.

Force majeure
In the case of war, natural disaster, strikes and other events that are to be regarded as force majeure, Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways may terminate the agreement. The guest must be informed as soon as possible. In such cases, Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways is obliged to refund the amount that has been paid, except for the benefit that was received from the camping pitch.