15 minutes from the campground you find Store Mosse National Park, southern Swedens largest marsh area. A great place for hiking on several well maintained trails in a very special kind of nature with a rich wild life.

No special clothing or footwear are required in the area around naturum visitor centre. It’s possible to walk all the way from naturum to Lake Svartgölen in ordinary shoes.

Other trails can be wet and slippery, depending on the weather. We recommend the walking boots you normally prefer. However if you decide to leave the board walk there are only two choices, barefoot or rubberboots.

Mosquitoes and gnats can be a nuisance sometimes, but dry summers often are relatively free of mosquitoes.

There is several places to start from, you can find maps over trails and entrences in the nationalpark and more information for visitors here.

It is possible to go to the national park on bicycle away from bigger roads if you prefer. It will take you about 50 minutes, ask us for the best way. Some of the trails in the national park are also open for cyclists, but please give way to hikers.

As a partner we have received training in the brand Sweden’s national parks and what it means to work with a national park.
Together we like to contribute to a good experience in connection with your national park visit.

hiking around the campground

other options for hiking in the area