Only 25 minutes away you find one of Swedens most popular bike parks. You can bring your own mountainbike or rent one on place to enjoy speed and excitement on the race enduro down hill, or mountain climbing with maximum pulse. There are several MTB-trails available, 2 pumptracks and a XC Trail with jumps, curves and other technical challenges. You buy your mountainbike pass in the main reception at Isaberg Mountain Resort. Find out more about Isaberg Bike park and rental here.

There are also local mountainbike trails available in Gnosjö only a few minutes away.

There is a hose available outside the servicecentre if you wish to clean your equipment, you can fill up air in your tires if needed and if there is a tool missing, let us know in the reception, we are happy to help if possible. And before you go, remember to fill up your waterbottle! All watertaps at the campground has cool, drinkable tasty water from 100 m below your feet, enjoy.

Please respect our wish not to go on the local trails in the forest closest to the campground , the gravelroad passing through Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways is ok for any biking.